of a recovering manic pixie wannabe

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

what if we just met?

what if i materialized
in a corner at this party
just to find you
leaning against a wall,
alone, your eyes troubled,
your red plastic cup
full but for the sips that had spilled,
sloshing over your second-best shoes,
while the bass of some music
you never liked
attempted to
consume you;
what if i gazed over
and said hi?

would you flinch?

what if i lowered
my sunglasses
and looked you
straight in the eyes
and told you that
your aura was purple
and you are a virgo
with an aquarius moon?
would it be too soon
to tell you that
I can save you,
or would it be just
the right time
for your eyes to meet mine,
like i gave you the sign
you’ve been looking for
for most of your life?

would you hold your breath?
would you mumble,

what if you did?

what if you wanted to believe
in denim daydreams
and life lesson mixed tape messages
tied up with string?
what if you actually thought that
you needed me
to teach you how to
blow bubbles,
appreciate sunsets,
watch foreign documentaries,
forget past trauma,
overcome obstacles,
acknowledge your feelings,
take chances,
shoot whiskey,
crack open,
be human?

would you let me do it?
would you let me show you
and then disappear,
like a shadow
of a memory
dissolving into
your red plastic cup?

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